Hi! My name is Art-ong Songdon

I’m E-commerce Consultant, Digital Marketer, Freelancer and Designer

Because you deserve a Better Digital Strategy

My Services

My services run deep and are backed by over eight years of experience.

Growth Strategy

Our Growth Strategy service helps our clients create and capture value by identifying untapped opportunities in the market and converting them into meaningful brand.


Data-driven Online Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We’ll be your guide and help build a strategy that’s best for your brand.

Targeted social ads to grow your audience, brand visibility, engagement and traffic.

Conversion Optimization

Optimization strategists identify your conversion barriers and ensures the experiment variations reinforce your visual style and create user experience improvements. 

The insights we extract for you are always thoroughly tested to produce revenue lift and further insights.

Marketing Automation

Retargeting Automation

Engage your customers with the right ads across platforms and devices.

Collect and act on your customer data from one unified platform. Convert more customers across desktop, mobile, social, and the web.

Email Marketing Automation

Send an onboarding series to introduce new subscribers to your brand. Automatically follow up with customers after a purchase triggered by their shopping behavior.

Personalize Automation

Our Service analyzes your customers’ behaviour, learning their likes and dislikes and enables you to deliver automated, personalized recommendations in real-time.

Business Analysis

E-commerce Analysis

Insightful Ecommerce Reporting and Tracking will enable the merchants to understand consumer behaviour, sales/product/campaign performance to help them make better decisions.

Onsite Analysis

Analyse your user experience and see how they perform the action on your site and where are they abandoned.

Marketing Analysis

Get an insightful report on which marketing channel perform best at which ROI. Analyse the pro and cons of each channel to gain more insight to focus on the channels that matter.

My Work

Odd Molly

Helped Odd Molly with their E-commerce and Online Digital Marketing to reach their doubled sales’ goal from a previous year.

Top Streetwear

Worked as a central role and responsible for all Digital Marketing and IT Infrastructure of the company and help them double their turnover three years in a row.


Working with Art was an unusual pleasure. He is extremely qualified in the field of ecommerce, marketing, growth hacking. Not only was he a great strategist, but also an excellent mentor. He willingly shared his knowledge and experience. He knows the latest trends and constantly continues to grow. I hope that someday I will work with him again.

– Agata, E-commerce Manager @ Young / Skilled 


Art is incredible! A true growth hacker that has experience & skill set that very few in his age would ever dream of. Handing something to Art wouldn’t only mean that I can consider it as done, it’s always done in a super efficient way. Art will always have my best recommendations, and I definitely would like to work together with Art again.

– Mikael @ Net Departo


Art is the most skilled person I have worked with, when it comes to online marketing and to get work done. He works extremely fast, automates process and implement faster than any other person I ever have worked with. On top of that, a nice down to earth guy. A great online marketer and I recommend Art very highly.

– Anders @ Net Departo


Art is intelligent, hard-working and has a listening and reflexting attitude, which makes him really valuable for colleagues and companies that has the pleasure to work with him. In addition, he’s a great person that I appreciate a lot. As you understand I have a really good experience from working with Art and I’m convinced that anyone who’ll hire Art will feel lucky to have him in the team.

– Pål @ Fairshopping


Art is a trustworthy person that is wonderful to work with. He is a quick learner that leads by example and many people in the organization were inspired by his enthusiasm and dedication. Art is a team member that you can always rely upon to get the job done. It is my pleasure to recommend him both personally and professionally.

– Simon @ Top Streetwear

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